The facilities in the banking sectors are increasing by leaps and bounds. With such huge facilities, life has become too comfortable with the people. There are also some forms of the collective interest facilities that have the facility to get the money invested in portfolios. So, let us have some highlight on these facilities.


This is the term that is given to the service of submitting the money in the form of the investment of securities and assets. What a professional manager needs to do is that he needs to invest the fund in the form of the portfolios which may include any kind of the assets like the cash, bonds and also the deposits, the shares, properties and also commodities.

The method that is followed here is quite simple and does not require the own the securities directly. There are entitlements that allow the owner to get divided. With the overall increase or decrease in the value of the funds, there is also a variation in the value of each unit. Calculation of the number of units is made by judging the price of the purchase and also the amount that is invested. The returns that are earned is usually in the form of the distribution of the incomes.


This can be a good option from the viewpoint that they are that investment that does does not have the time or a scope to hold the portfolios directly. In such a case, the unit trusts can be a great option because that allows the investors in to have the purpose fulfilled by the huge types of investments that are usually not available to them. It is quite easy now to start unit trust investment in Malaysia with the “OCBC”. There are huge varieties that are easily available to the investors. One may gather any information by simply visiting the page personal-banking/investments/unit-trusts-overview.html.

This bank in Malaysia has become a famous one among the people because it allows the investors to get the maximum returns on the amounts that are invested. It has been proved that this scheme is a much beneficial one to get better returns in the future. The schemes are far better than the cash saving or also the fixed deposit schemes.


Like every another easy thing in this world, there is also some risk experienced by the Unit Trust investments. The risk is that the returns that are earned within a short-term are much less than the fixed deposits. However, if the deal is accessed for longer span, this can be one of the best ones. So, it is advisable for the people accessing this facility to go with the investments that are made for the longer terms.


starting the facility is quite easy that can be made in any of the three methods that include the Lump Sum purchases, the Regular Savings and also the EPF savings.

The scheme of the Unit Trust investments can be the best option because they are quite easy to afford by the people and can also be entertained with the minimum investment of only RM100. Moreover, the people who are employed in holding the tasks efficiently are well trained and are too skilled to make the process quite easy.

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