The facilities in the banking sectors are increasing by leaps and bounds. With such huge facilities, life has become too comfortable with the people. There are also some forms of the collective interest facilities that have the facility to get the money invested in portfolios. So, let us have some highlight on these facilities.


This is the term that is given to the service of submitting the money in the form of the investment of securities and assets. What a professional manager needs to do is that he needs to invest the fund in the form of the portfolios which may include any kind of the assets like the cash, bonds and also the deposits, the shares, properties and also commodities.

The method that is followed here is quite simple and does not require the own the securities directly. There are entitlements that allow the owner to get divided. With the overall increase or decrease in the value of the funds, there is also a variation in the value of each unit. Calculation of the number of units is made by judging the price of the purchase and also the amount that is invested. The returns that are earned is usually in the form of the distribution of the incomes.


This can be a good option from the viewpoint that they are that investment that does does not have the time or a scope to hold the portfolios directly. In such a case, the unit trusts can be a great option because that allows the investors in to have the purpose fulfilled by the huge types of investments that are usually not available to them. It is quite easy now to start unit trust investment in Malaysia with the “OCBC”. There are huge varieties that are easily available to the investors. One may gather any information by simply visiting the page personal-banking/investments/unit-trusts-overview.html.

This bank in Malaysia has become a famous one among the people because it allows the investors to get the maximum returns on the amounts that are invested. It has been proved that this scheme is a much beneficial one to get better returns in the future. The schemes are far better than the cash saving or also the fixed deposit schemes.


Like every another easy thing in this world, there is also some risk experienced by the Unit Trust investments. The risk is that the returns that are earned within a short-term are much less than the fixed deposits. However, if the deal is accessed for longer span, this can be one of the best ones. So, it is advisable for the people accessing this facility to go with the investments that are made for the longer terms.


starting the facility is quite easy that can be made in any of the three methods that include the Lump Sum purchases, the Regular Savings and also the EPF savings.

The scheme of the Unit Trust investments can be the best option because they are quite easy to afford by the people and can also be entertained with the minimum investment of only RM100. Moreover, the people who are employed in holding the tasks efficiently are well trained and are too skilled to make the process quite easy.

Just Started Your Business? Here’s Why to Build Its Credit and How!

Just Started Your Business? Here's Why to Build Its Credit and How!

Starting an entrepreneurial journey in the present-day competitive world is an astounding feat in itself. However, that is just the beginning. Businesses always bring along profits as well as risks. While you will be more than happy to see the profits rise, we are sure you want to mitigate the risk as much as possible. A great way to do so, is taking some vital steps towards the financial security of your enterprise, and what better than building company credit to alleviate the uncertainties?

If you are wondering how to go about it, don’t worry, we are here to answer just that!

Why Build Company Credit?

Your business might be doing perfectly well, and you’re reaping the profits that you once dreamt of; however, given the market’s dynamism, there is no way you can be sure of the future and what it holds. Hence, it is best if you have a safety bet in place that can help you deal with any unforeseen financial troubles. You can do so by ensuring that you have a proper company credit. Your creditability will help you Apply for a Business Loan as and when required and will ensure that your application gets sanctioned without much ado.

We believe this is more than just a good reason to start working towards a credit history that speaks for your business and you!  However, let us list down some more reasons pertaining the same.

  • It Offers You Access to Bigger Loans

An excellent credit history will ensure that the lenders can place their trust in you, thus encouraging them to approve a significantly large sum of money as a loan. Of course, for this to happen, both, your personal as well as your business credit scores need to be better than average.

  • It Offers You Access to Better Loan Offers

At the time of a crisis, merely getting a loan isn’t good enough. You ought to get it from a reputable lender at fair interest rates. Moreover, you also need a variety of other aspects such as prepayments, foreclosure, and so forth to work in your favour. It is for this reason that you need to maintain a flattering business credit.

  • It Ensures Better Rates of Interest

A lender only approves a loan when your ability to repay the same is evident. If the lender sees any risk in offering you the loan, the chances are that your investment will entail a more massive rate of interest, in a bid to cover the risks involved. However, if the credit score for your business is right, your intent and ability of repayment remain unquestioned, and thus, you will have access to loan offers at lower rates of interest.

How to Build Company Credit?

Now that you understand the significance of building an impressive business credit, let us delve deeper into the process of creating the same. Trust us, all you need is some diligence, and this seemingly tricky task will feel like a cakewalk.

  • Maintain a Reasonable Personal Credit

More often than not, lenders analyse your own credit history before assessing that of your business. It is therefore extremely imperative that you manage your finances well, which is quite easy if you follow these simple steps –

  • Paying your bills on time
  • Paying your EMIs religiously
  • Making full payments towards credit cards
  • Using only up to 30-40% of the upper limit on your credit card in any given month

Just in case, you feel that you max out on your credit card more often than you should try applying for a card with a higher credit limit, which will help you maintain a better score in the long run.

  • Find a Suitable Business Credit Card

Numerous banks and non-banking financial institutions offer credit cards that cater to the needs of businesses. To build a better credit for your business, we strongly advise you to find a card that suits the needs of your business and apply for the same. Once you get the approval for it, make all your payments on time, and ensure that you have no outstanding bills on your cards.

  • Look For Suitable Lenders

If you have a business, it is evident that you hold your accounts in a bank. However, it isn’t safe to assume that your bank will always prove to be the right lender. There may be times when the lending policies of your bank aren’t up to the mark, and you may need to look around for other lenders. Rather than doing so at the last minute, we suggest you have a couple of reputable lenders under your sleeve, right from the very beginning.

For all you know, this will give you the much-needed opportunity of comparing interest rates, and other charges before you take a Business Loan. The right lender will help you maintain a better credit score, which is your primary goal.

We hope you now have a better understanding of why you need a business credit, and how exactly can you stay prepared for the same!

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To apply online for Credit Cards, Secured Loans and Unsecured Loans, visit  the leading online lending marketplace that offers financial products from 60+ Banks and NBFCs. We have served 2 million+ happy customers since 1989.

Talk to our Loan Specialists toll-free at 1800 103 4004 to know more about our products and offers.

Why to choose a Business Setup Consultant to form a company in the UAE

Why to choose a Business Setup Consultant to form a company in the UAE

setting up a new business in a country you have no idea about is not easy at all. It takes a lot of time to establish a new business in a new country. most of the people are not aware of the laws and the orders of different countries. While opening up a new business in an unknown country, you must always take a look at the laws as well. the laws you must take a look over must be the ones you are opening your business about.

So many people do so many mistakes while opening a new business setup. This happens because people do not get the proper knowledge of the laws of the other country and this takes them in a situation having unknown problems. So, people must always have a pretty good idea about the place they are going to work in.

If you are also one of the people who is thinking of opening a new business set up in UAE, you must take the assistance of the business setup consultants in UAE. There are so many reasons for consulting the business setup consultants. One of the reasons is that they give you a great idea about the laws and how they work. When you will get the idea about the laws, you will be able to mold your business according to that and it will be of your benefit as well.

UAE is having so many business opportunities for the people who really want to do business in it. For such people, setting a new business in UAE can become really very easy if they consult the consultants before proceeding with their work.

What will the consultants do?

The consultants will increase your knowledge about the work you are going to do. they will tell you what is right and what is the wrong according to the laws of the country. this will help you become successful in no time. Yes, this is true. When people consult the consultants, they become safe in a way that there is nothing left behind which can create any problem for them.

Those people who do not get the proper idea of the laws and start doing business in UAE do no good to themselves. This is because the chances of mistakes increase to great levels. The minor mistakes increase to a level in which it becomes so difficult to deal with them.

From registering the company to operating it in a good way, people must consult the consultants to be on the right path. This will save you from so many troubles and it will prove to be really beneficial for you as well.

So, you must hire the best business setup consultants for your business if you want to become successful and make more money than rest of the people. If you will not take this step today, you will create so many problems for you. it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, do everything after thinking properly. For more information about business setup in UAE, Click Here

It’s not just the Young Who Pay for Poor Financial Literacy

It’s not just the Young Who Pay for Poor Financial Literacy

While it’s often thought to be the young who make the worst financial decisions, research has shown that often the financial literacy of adults is not much better. In fact, a recent OECD study on the grasp of money issues around the world has found that it’s not just parents and schools that need to do more to protect young people. It’s also the regulators who need to step in to prevent adults from making equally questionable decisions.

In a world where there are more complex financial products than ever before, you might think literacy levels would be improving. However, it’s actually a better time than ever for financial service providers to rip us off because many of us are unable to make informed and rational decisions.

What did the research find?

The results of the research were damning. The headline finding is that one-in-five consumers around the world are financially illiterate and incapable of grasping even basic shopping conundrums. That includes questions like whether buying four tins of tuna fish in a single pack represented better value than buying four cans separately.

As well as some simple maths-based questions, the study also asked respondents to identify the tell-tale signs of scam phishing emails and the potential factors that go into determining the cost of vehicle insurance. Perhaps not surprisingly, many of the respondents struggled. Also, what was particularly concerning was the fact that many people were unaware where to go to find reputable sources of financial information like these free resources courtesy of the online lender Wonga SA.

Low levels of literacy among the young

We also learnt that levels of financial literacy among the 15 year-olds who were questioned is currently very low. In fact, just 12 percent of the respondents were able to answer all the questions correctly. In the vast majority of countries, the girls outperformed the boys. Perhaps not surprisingly, the research also found that young people who gained most their financial information from friends scored lower than those who discussed financial matters with their parents.

In terms of the best-performing countries, it was not necessarily the case that the most financialised economies performed the best. In fact, teenagers in Russia had higher levels of financial literacy than those in the US. Despite the fact that they are less likely to have debit cards and bank accounts, Chinese students outperformed their American and European counterparts to top the list.

What can we do to change things?

This report is a wake-up call not just for parents who need to make a concerted effort to improve the financial literacy of their children, but also to schools, which need to take the time to teach financial education. But what about the regulators? At the moment, there are very few financial protections in place for the financially illiterate and this is enabling rip-offs to happen at lightning speed, with the bottom 20 percent of consumers usually the group that suffers the most.

What are the benefits of printed packaging tape?

What are the benefits of printed packaging tape

Printed packaging tape is a product that offers many benefits when compared to the actual cost of item. There aren’t a lot of products that allow the buyer to enjoy a long lit of items, which add a lot more value to your brand a an affordable price.

When companies’ start using custom printed packaging tape, they will start noticing the long list of items they are profiting from. First of all, they will be able to identify their stock more easily. If a small package ever gets misplaced in shipment, it would be easier to find with a custom feature on the packaging material. Another great example is if you are competing in the B2B space and using a custom tape with your logo, your customer will be able to identify just how much more inventory they have in stock and order more before it’s too late. Just the hassle of going through to making sure your customer is going to receive the next batch of products on time is stressful enough. Custom printed tape will allow them to notice just how many boxes are left and when is an appropriate time to order more.

It is possible to enjoy increased security of your packages with the use of custom printed tape. When a package has been sealed with tape not easily found on the market, chances are anyone coming in contact with it will not tamper with the box in any way. This is because the when a box has been resealed, especially with different tape, it would be obvious something has happened to it.

Custom tape with logo is a great way to promote your brand and make people aware of it as well. It is an inexpensive way to get your message to the public and, if done right, it would also be a creative method to grab your customers’ attention. If a great design with eye catching colors and visuals were used, it is a great form of advertising for businesses.

When you think about your customer’s touch points, as the package gets delivered to the intended location, it may be the first time they are faced with a physical item from your brand. Make sure it is a great first impression since the package is the first thing they will notice. Custom printed tape allows your brand to stand out from the rest of the packages and gets your customers excited about your shipment. This will allow for your brand to beconstantly reminded by customers. It will help with top of mind recall and brand recognition. In an increasingly competitive world, we all know the small details can even make a difference.

Why We Became a One-Car Family and How We Saved Thousands

We Became a One-Car Family and How We Saved Thousands

Like a large number of families, my significant other and I have dependably had two autos. Notwithstanding when I changed to telecommuting all day, I clung to my own particular auto.

Be that as it may, when we quit fooling around about our funds and paying down obligation, I just couldn’t legitimize keeping a moment auto any more.

Discover why I chose to offer my auto, how much cash I’ll spare, and how I conquer the difficulties of having only one auto when life misbehaves. Visit Us

Americans and autos

My family isn’t the just a single to have various vehicles. As indicated by an examination by Experian Automotive, the normal American family unit has 2.28 autos. An amazing 35 percent of homes have three autos or progressively — regularly, that is a bigger number of autos than there are authorized drivers in the family unit.

Those autos come at a significant cost. Regardless of whether you drive a little, section level Car, repairs, fuel, and protection is costly.

AAA evaluates that it costs you $7,373 a year to claim and keep up a little vehicle. Also, that is expecting just consistent upkeep and does exclude significant repairs or overwhelming driving.

Choosing to offer my auto

My little auto was a 2012 Nissan Versa. Nothing extravagant, only a fundamental little vehicle with superb fuel mileage. I paid money for it, so we didn’t have a regularly scheduled installment. Along these lines, I let myself know for quite a while that it look bad to offer it.

In any case, I understood I was driving it less and less, and my significant other’s auto is more current and similarly as fuel productive. I chose to investigate the numbers to check whether it was monetarily savvy to keep it or offer it.

I spent about $50 a month on gas and about $20 a month on tolls. My month to month protection premium was about $90 a month. Besides, I put aside about $50 a month in a financial balance to put something aside for future auto repairs and upkeep. Without those costs, I would spare $2,520 in a year.

While my auto had been a tank, it was nearing the point where it most likely required some work. It certainly required new tires immediately — which would cost about $500 — and likely some other minor things. Without purchasing those tires, I could tuck that cash back in my investment account.

By disposing of my trusty Versa, I would clutch $3,020 this year without considering the cash I would get for it.

I ascertained the amount I could spare in premium in the event that I utilized the cash I would spare by pitching my auto to pay additional towards my understudy advance obligation. After some time, I would spare thousands.

Offering the auto

I ran the numbers on my auto. It was in magnificent mechanical condition however had some restorative blemishes and, obviously, required tires.

I knew I could offer it for increasingly on the off chance that I sold it myself on Craigslist or Facebook, yet that could take weeks or even months. Meanwhile, I’d need to keep up and safeguard the auto, sinking more cash into it.

Rather, I chose to offer my auto with AutoTrader’s moment money offer framework.

You import your auto’s data, for example, its make, model, mileage, and condition. AutoTrader makes you an offer which you can take to taking part merchants. For whatever length of time that the data you entered is exact, the merchant will respect the money offer.

I finished the AutoTrader frame, printed the money offer, and took off to the merchant. Inside 30 minutes, I left with a check for $4,200, which I thought was reasonable for offer it so effortlessly and rapidly.

Getting around without a vehicle

I expected that offering my auto would be a genuine stun to my framework, yet it’s really been an exceptionally smooth progress. One of the greatest positive changes I’ve seen is a drop in my general spending.

Since I now need to arrange around my better half’s work routine in the event that I need the auto, I can’t simply go shopping spontaneously. That implies I don’t squander money on adorable things I overlook ten minutes after the fact.

I find when I do go shopping, I’m more ponder since it took all the more arranging and I don’t make the same number of spur of the moment purchases.

When I do need to go some place and my better half’s auto isn’t accessible, Uber has been significant. While it can get expensive, I’ve just needed to utilize the administration once in for a moment for crisis arrangements, so it doesn’t cut essentially into my investment funds.

Rolling out way of life improvements

When you have understudy advances or Visa obligation, rolling out way of life improvements can be troublesome. Be that as it may, by authorizing more wage, you can escape obligation quicker and give yourself more flexibility.

While abandoning an auto was startling to me at in the first place, I’ve observed it to be definitely justified even despite the forfeit.

For more thoughts on the most proficient method to free up cash to make additional installments towards your obligation, look at this article to profit as an afterthought and lift your salary.

How to improve your success rate when seeking a startup loan

How to improve your success rate when seeking a startup loan

You don’t have to face a future of rejections.

Startup loans provide an essential resource for anyone looking to get a business off the ground. However, they can be difficult to arrange with lenders, especially if your company is brand new. If you’re trying to improve your success rate with startup loan applications then there are some simple steps to follow to help you find a loan that’s right for your business.

Look at your own credit history first

For a new business with very little financial history, lenders will usually look to the applicant’s own credit history. So, if your credit score is currently low or you haven’t taken the time to establish whether you have a good credit score or not this could be a factor that is holding you back from startup loan success. Go through your credit report to check for mistakes and ensure that it’s not still linked to exes or former partners or housemates with bad credit history. You may need to wait a while to improve your credit score before applying again but that will give you a much wider choice of options than just a bad credit loan.

Make sure you have a sound business plan

It’s difficult enough to convince a lender to take a chance on a new business but almost impossible if you don’t have a plan. Before you start making applications for startup loans, look at your business plan and make sure that it’s convincing. You’ll need to ensure that you have a sound proposition for the business – a credible USP, market research that identifies a need for your products or services and a potential customer base. It will also be crucial to show that your figures add up – where are you getting your financial projections from and why do you think that they’re going to work out like that?

Be able to show that you’ve taken advice

Professional advisors have a lot to offer new entrepreneurs – and their advice can also have a part to play in convincing a lender to approve a loan. From accountants through to industry specific advisors and business mentors, if you can show that you’ve had input from the experts at essential moments then this will give your business more credibility with potential lenders.

Review your cash flow

If you’re repeatedly being rejected for a startup loan then this could be the result of poor cash flow. For any new business, cash flow is difficult to negotiate. Lenders need to see evidence of cash flow that can be used to repay the loan but new businesses need loans to start generating cash flow. Do everything that you can to start generating cash flow for your business, even if you’re completely bootstrapped at first. Borrowing from friends and family could help to cover key initial costs that could enable you to generate just enough cash flow to convince a lender to approve your application. If you really can’t generate any cash flow without a loan then make sure that your cash flow projections are convincing, accurate and based on factors that will make sense to the lender reviewing your application.

How do credit checks affect credit score?

How do credit checks affect credit score?

Credit checks are carried out by lenders when you make an application for credit. They are a necessary part of the process that will allow lenders to see your credit history and compare that to their own lending criteria. This is done whether you are looking at different types of personal loans or a loan for your business. Credit checks are used by lenders to establish a number of different things about a potential borrower, including:

Your identity
How much debt you already have and what type (e.g. guarantor loans or other types of secured loans)
Whether you have missed credit payments in the past
How often you move home
Whether you have a history of making late payments
The combination of all the information that lenders have access to will give them an idea of what kind of risk they are taking on a potential borrower. Lenders have their own individual criteria when it comes to making assessments about borrowers. However, factors such as missed payments on other credit accounts, or moving home frequently, could have an impact on whether someone is considered a good credit risk, whoever the lender is.

Two types of credit checks

When a credit check is carried out it could be one of two types: a hard search or a soft search.

A soft search – this type of search means that the searcher doesn’t see all the information in your credit report. Soft searches are often used to establish identity or as a preliminary search in the process of an application.

A hard search – hard searches are much more thorough and mean that the searcher will be able to see a far more comprehensive picture of your credit history. This type of search normally takes place when you’re opening a new account or making an application for a new personal loan or credit card.

How do these credit checks affect your credit score?

You can have an unlimited number of soft searches against your credit report and this won’t have any impact on your credit score. Soft searches do appear on your report but they won’t influence a potential lender who is looking at your credit history and making a decision about whether or not to lend to you.

Hard credit checks are a different story. Each hard check that is carried out against your credit history will show up to any other lenders or organisations who then later carry out another credit search against your report. They can stay on your credit history for between 12 months and 2 years.

It’s not generally a problem to have a hard search against your credit report when you make an application for a new personal loan or credit card. The problem arises if you are making multiple searches in a short period of time. A single hard search will be removed from your credit history (in most cases) within 12 months so the impact is short term or non-existent. However, if you have a lot of hard searches in a short space of time it looks to lenders like you are desperate for credit and so probably struggling financially. It’s this that tends to have the negative impact on an individual credit score.

Online Business Startup Tips

Online Business Startup Tips

What does it take to start and run a business online? Typically, running a successful online business starts with identifying a need, filling it, and building credibility but it doesn’t stop there. Several other factors play a critical role in making your online business a success. Most people who start online business tend to fail due to simple mistakes that could be avoided such as trying to solve too many problems at the same time. So, what are you supposed to do to enhance the chances of growing your online business startup into a thriving enterprise? Here are some
online business startup tips to help you.

Have a Plan

This is where most people tend to get it wrong. Although you may not want a comprehensive formal business plan while starting your online business, you still need at least a basic plan to guide you. Most startup entrepreneurs tend to view a business plan as a hectic homework that they don’t want to do. You don’t need a 30-page formal business plan, but you will need an outline illustrating your business goals, who your target customers are and what you are offering and at what price.

Identify a need and Fill It

Just like any other business, an online business is meant to fill a specific gap in the market. However, mostentre preneurs make a mistake of coming up with a product or service first before they study the market. To boost your chances of success, start looking at the market first before you design your products and services. Find a group of potential customers who are looking for a solution to a particular problem and create the solution. The internet makes market research easy since you can visit your competitor’s website to see the kind of questions most people are asking and what they need.

Website Marketing

Once you have identified a problem and come up with a viable solution, then you are ready for your small online business. Design your business website and go online. However, you need to push your site to your potential clients to start realizing sales. One of the best ways of becoming visible to your potential clients is through website marketing.Effective website marketing will help you generate traffic to improve your sales and push your business forward.

Don’t Ignore Customer Service

It’s easy to forget about customer service since most of your business transactions will be happening online. Keep in mind that most of the people who visit your website are more likely going to return if you offer them an excellent customer experience. Make sure that you have a way of interacting with customers who visit your website. It can be through email, phone, or live chat.

The advantages of Life Insurance will make this form of Insurance more attractive than any other type of Insurance

The advantages of Life Insurance will make this form of Insurance more attractive than any other type of Insurance

What makes Life Insurance attractive?

Life can be really unpredictable. One day you are given the red-carpet treatment and the next day, it is pulled away from underneath. An unfortunate event is something you just cannot foresee. This is where life insurance comes to your rescue. Life insurance gives your loved ones a financial cushion after your unfortunate demise, be it untimely or not.

What is Life Insurance?

With Life Insurance, the insurer guarantees to pay a sum of money to the insured’s beneficiary in the event of the death of the insured person. You are required to pay insurance premiums over a period of time, after which the designated beneficiary receives a lump sum as a death benefit. This insurance policy provides for the monetary needs of your family after your death.

Elements of Life Insurance

There are two main elements of life insurance:

  1. Death Benefit

This is the sum of money given to the insured’s beneficiary by the insurer in the event of the death of the insured. The death benefit is what the whole life insurance policy is made for in the first place – to get a guaranteed amount after death to cover the risks.

  1. Premium Payments

For the insured to receive the death benefit, he/she has to make premium payments over a specific amount of time. There are many factors that decide the amount and period of these payments such as age, financial status, medical history, etc. If the premium payments are made as required, the insurer is duty-bound to pay the death benefit as decided. In case you have opted for permanent life insurance, you have a third element as well – cash value. This cash value can be withdrawn and used over the lifetime of the insured for loans, many purchases, or even to pay policy premiums. It is considered a great form of investment as well. 

Advantages of Life Insurance

It can be overwhelming to decide on insurance plans. If you are puzzled with the choice of going for a plan or not, perhaps these few advantages could help you out.

  • Protection to your Family

This is the biggest advantage to consider. The sudden death of a person, especially the bread winner may put the family in a terrible state, both emotionally and financially. An insurance policy helps to protect your family financially after your demise.

  • Not all Insurance Plans pay-out only after the Insured’s Death

Some of the top insurance companies also offer plans that allow you to enjoy the benefits during your lifespan. For example, the permanent policy enables you to have a cash value account that grows over time and can be used to fund many of your activities and purchases in life.

  • Insurance plans are affordable

Even the most premium insurance plans are becoming increasingly affordable. You have a variety of options in insurance to choose from. So, choose one that goes with your budget. Buying an insurance policy does not necessarily mean digging a hole in the pocket.

  • Insurance claims are not taxable

The death benefit claimed after the insured’s demise is not taxable which also serves as a huge advantage.

What are good options for Life Insurance Plans?

There are quite a few popular insurance plans you could opt for. You must evaluate each plan according to your requirement first and then select the most appropriate company to get insured with. Insurance policies differ in types as well, ranging from term life, whole life and endowment to even child insurance plans. You must take factors such as tenure, additional cover, premium payment, life-stage increments, etc. into consideration before you make your final choice.

Here are a few of the best life insurance plans in India today:

  • SBI Life eShield
  • HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Plus
  • Aviva i-Life
  • Future Generali Care Plus
  • Birla Sun Life BSLI Protect@Ease Plan
  • LIC’s Jeevan Pragati Plan
  • Max Life Online Term Plan Plus Basic Life Cover
  • ICICI Prudential iProtect Smart
  • Bharti Axa Life Elite Secure
  • PNB MetLife Mera Term Plan

We know, life insurance can be quite confusing to a layman. Thus, it is recommended that you speak to an expert and understand life insurance before you plunge in. After all, you must be well aware of what you are putting your money into.